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Chocolate,  A Drunk Vulcan  P4 by slashygirl Chocolate,  A Drunk Vulcan  P4 by slashygirl
I want to thank Tydomin for fixing my mistakes on this piece...not sure if it's the final draft, let me know if you like it.

Also I wish I knew what category I put it in since it ain't poetry but I still want to keep the image..any suggestions..

Thanks everyone for being so kind ...faving my stuff and sending me llama badges.

The Captain of the Enterprise rubbed the back of his neck and began to relieve the pressure building between his eyes, where a headache of massive proportions was wanting to take up permanent residence. Jim walked towards the occupant, who was sporting a smile that would light up a Christmas tree. The only thing disturbing about this happy portrait is that it belonged to his first officer a friend who always claimed that emotions should be governed, not shown so blatantly in public. The Vulcan, at this moment, was breaking his own rules.

James Kirk was beginning to question his own answer he gave McCoy. Making a meal for someone you really cared about, was there more to it than that? He enjoyed Spock's company, but there is a fine line where you like the companionship and it's the rest you are not sure about.

What did he feel for this man? Such a close friendship had blossomed in such a short period of time. He felt drawn to him, by a force he could not fathom. Seeing him now, in this vulnerable state, made him ache with such a need. But a need for what? How often he had wished for Spock to be more open, more spontaneous, more outspoken. Where had the cool logical friend disappear too? He was nowhere to be found - in his place lay a stranger. But, he had to admit, a very intriguing one.

"Spock, you do realize what has happened, right? You just consumed vast amounts of chocolate and you are barely coherent. My god, McCoy would have a field day if he was saw you like this." Jim replied seriously.

Spock, concerned that Jim would tell the doctor, started to rise from Jim's bed to prevent such an occurrence from happening.

"Please, Jim. Do not tell him. I beg you. I do not want anyone to see me like this." Spock's voice betrayed concern and worry.

Jim waved his hand to show him that he needn't worry. His secret would be safe. Spock was on the edge of the bunk, the bowl of chocolate firmly on his lap.

"Don't worry Spock, I won't tell him. We all have our little pleasures in life." Jim smiled as he looked in his first officer's direction.

"I appreciate you not broadcasting my situation, Jim. I am having a most difficult time trying to balance my emotions - they seem to be everywhere. I cannot stop what is happening to me. I must ride it through."

Jim felt a stab of pain from his friend. How cruel it was for him not to be able to express his inner feelings.

"Don't worry about it. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You didn't know that chocolate would affect you in this way."

Spock looked up at Jim with those warm chocolate brown eyes and turned away from hearing Jim's last statement. Jim saw the abrupt change and wondered.

Spock slowly placed his finger in the bowl, hiding its contents from his friend. Quickly he swallowed the substance that was sticking to his long elegant digit. To Spock the act was mischievous, but he craved it nonetheless. It gave him a surge of contentment like the release of orgasm - making you want it too to last forever.

Jim noticed the bowl had disappeared from Spock's lap and a smile betrayed him. The captain let the transgression pass but kept an eye on the vanishing bowl. Moments later Spock turned back in his direction and spoke softly, almost embarrassed and terribly shy.

"That is not entirely true Jim. I am aware that chocolate is something we Vulcans should not consume. I only wanted to test my theory. I see that I should have been more careful.

Jim was shocked to say the least. His friend knew what could happen but did it anyway.

"Spock, are you saying that this happened before?"

"Yes, I have had a similar situation. But I could not remember in detail what had occurred. It was when I served under Captain Pike. He basically told me that chocolate does not agree with me and that I should avoid it. At all costs."

Jim smiled and quickly changed his features into an expression of disappointment.

"Spock, you really should have been more careful. What if we had an emergency on board ship? I need my crew to be in the best physical shape possible. Mentally and physically. If you had actually consumed alcohol Bones would have given you something to sober you up in minutes. But, this, I don't think this will apply to you at the moment. I suppose you will have to ride it out as you say."

Jim always moved when he gave his long speeches of what you should do and what you shouldn't. He had his back turned for an instant and he swore he heard the popping of one's finger retreating one's mouth. But maybe that was being paranoid.

"Forgive me Jim. I am not myself."

"That, is the understatement of the year. No harm done. At least at the moment things are quiet today. Analyzing space dust is not the most exciting task an officer has to do, but when you have no choice where our missions send us you go where it takes us. It gives us time to relax and not always be on edge, never knowing if the Klingons are going to attack despite the treaty between us, or some other alien race we haven't met. You'll be back to your old self in no time. So, for starters let's get you cleaned up. I did invite you to dinner, if you recall."

"I had almost forgotten. I must admit it does smell quite good."

"Wonderful, so we clean you up and we get to eat. I don't know about you but I'm starving. So, hand me the bowl, and we can start on the main meal.

Spock clutched tightly the bowl laying on his lap. The white chocolate stared back at him from the bowl begging to be licked and sucked by Vulcan appendages.

"Spock, can you hand me the bowl?"

"I seem to have grown rather attached to it. Must I?"

"What? You're kidding right? Come on Spock, you can't be serious. Hand me the bowl." Jim's voice changing from humor to utter seriousness.

"I don't think I can. You'll have to make me Jim." Spock smiled losing his control.
elfqueen55 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
LOL...oooh, things are gettin' HOT up in here!! S'il-vous-plait, madame, can we have MORE? :D
slashygirl Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
Yes, they are...I had fun writing this chapter...may add to it before posting on the archives..It's an old piece...over 2 years old...I had finished it back then but looking at it again...I found it sucked royally. Jim was totally out of character..this seems much better..but the first two chapters needs to be redone somewhat because it hadn't been changed anyways, going to brainstorm to what will happen next...thanks so much for commenting..
elfqueen55 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
You're very welcome, I enjoyed this one tremendously! :D
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